Synchronous Motor

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Using the rotating magnetic field of the stator with AC power, rotate the small permanent magnet rotor.


① Drive circuit is unnecessary.

Since the commercial power supply can be used directly, the control system becomes inexpensive.

It can be said that it is the most suitable motor for simply rotating it.

② No need for contacts, long service life.

Unlike brush motors, contacts are unnecessary, and their structure is simple and long life.

③ The current fluctuation due to the external load is small.

Since the rotor is driven by the rotating magnetic field, the motor is out of step at the time of overload and there is no big change in current.

Because the drive power is a sine wave, the rotor rotates with inertia force and uses commercial power supply, so switching of driving force is smooth, quiet and low vibration.

④ Built-in gear.

Since the reduction gear is built in, it is compatible with various rotational speeds, eliminating the need for an external multi-stage gear.

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